A modern bakery who gives you

what your customers want.

Faber Brød is a Danish bakery which supplies customers all over the world with organic and conventional bread, fastfood and cakes. We base our craft on Nordic ingredients and a great passion for the experience your customers get with your baked goods. We are a curious and dynamic partner who listen to your needs, unique knowledge, and experience. Combined with our great insight into the industry, we create the products your customers want.

Tailored solutions

In addition til our organic selection, we offer to tailor the solutions your customers want in collaboration with you.


We have great experience with developing and delivering bread and cakes to customers all over the world.


So whether you have a specific product in mind you would like to have developed, or if you need inputs for what suits your specific business and costumers, we are ready to help you through the process.

Our organic solutions

Our organic solutions consists of both breakfast, bread, fastfood and cakes of top quality.


Our recipes are completely unique – try for example our cold-raised 5-grain bun made with buttermilk and organic beer, or our Danish rye bread with malt, potato and carrots.


Our organic solutions are perfect for cafés, restaurants and hotels, and is distributed by both Hørkram, Dansk Cater, Catering Engros and Solhjulet.


Faber Brød have really been able to listen to out needs. They have used the knowledge and insight we have in our business to create just the right range og products for our costumers. Our collaboration has resulted in tasty quality products, which we are now proud to serve at our cafés around the world.”

– Mathias Nielsen, Director of Supply Chain, Joe & The Juice